Our latest ‘Pupdate’!

At the end of last year, Chorley Building Society donated an incredible £5,000 to name a guide dog puppy.

‘Archie’ is now 10 months old and we caught up with his puppy walker Marilyn for an update on his progress.

Archie has been getting on brilliantly and he’s grown into a very handsome young dog! He has a really friendly nature and is well-behaved in all environments. He loves to catch a bus or a train and he has a real fascination with leaves being blown around in the wind! One of Archie’s favourite games is to run around with his red blanket with it trailing behind him like a superhero cape!

Archie is making great progress with his training and the Chorley Building Society are so pleased to have the opportunity to support the excellent work which Guide Dogs does.

Siobhan Cullen, Community Fundraiser at Guide Dogs, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Chorley Building Society and all of the branch staff that have made this a possibility.

“These crucial funds can help bring independence into the life of somebody living with sight loss and you simply cannot place a value on that.”

Archie is fast approaching his first birthday and we can’t wait to catch up with him soon!