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How to save for a house deposit

A first time buyerLooking to saveMoving Home

Deciding to buy a house can seem overwhelming at times, with many people worried about how they will be able to save for a deposit. However, having a plan in place with realistic goals can help make the dream of home-ownership become a reality. At Chorley Building Society, we look at all our mortgage applications on case by case basis so we encourage anyone thinking about buying a home to talk to us about it. We are keen to offer a flexible approach which means we will consider each applicants individual circumstances rather than a computer making the decision.

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Government schemes to help you on to...

A first time buyerMoving Home

If you are a first time buyer, getting that first step on the property ladder can be difficult. However, there are a number of UK government schemes that are available, which have been designed to help first time buyers who may have a limited deposit. We’ll highlight some of the options that are currently available at Chorley Building Society in England and Wales. We always look at our mortgage applications on a case by case basis so we encourage anyone thinking about buying a home to talk to us about it to find out if we can help.

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What is a building society?

A first time buyerA Member

We have often been asked, ‘What actually is a building society?’ and ‘Why am I a Member and not a customer?’ These are very good questions and we’re happy to explain these and a few other things, that make a building society very different to a bank.

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