Legal Service

(Self Build)

Choosing your solicitor or conveyancer

The Society operates an open solicitors’ panel in collaboration with its legal services partner, Legal Marketing Services Ltd (LMS).

When undertaking a self-build or renovation project you need to find a solicitor who either:

  • Is already on our panel and is willing to act for you with your specific conveyancing requirements;
  • Meets our panel requirements and can join our panel.

You can check if a solicitor is on our panel use the search below. If they are not on the panel, they can request to join if they meet our panel requirements, which are:

  • Have 4 or more qualified partners;
  • Be registered with the Law Society or Council of Licensed Conveyancers;
  • Have minimum professional indemnity insurance cover of £2m.

In order to join the panel, please ask the solicitor to access

If they do not meet the criteria to join our panel, you will need to select another solicitor

Search our panel of solicitors below