Guide to moving home

Finding your first home and mortgage is an important and exciting time. But it’s a big commitment too.

Tried and trusted for generations, Chorley Building Society will explain all the options to help you make the right mortgage decision. We’ll also help explain to you the fees connected to buying a home, such as paying for building surveys, legal work by solicitors and stamp duty.

  • 1: Two months before

    You may want to book time off work for a few days before, during and after your move. Start packing non-essential belongings in boxes, labelled for which room they will go in when you get your new home.

  • 2: Six weeks before

    Contact several removal companies for quotes. Ensure your home insurance covers you from the removal day and your belongings are insured during the move.

  • 3: One month before

    Research TV, phone and internet deals to be running from the date you move into your new home. Search for the best energy tariffs for your new home.

  • 4: Two weeks before

    Redirect your post to your new home address and inform banks, pension providers, insurers and any other providers about your new address. Register for council tax at your new home. Keep packing your belongings in labelled boxes.

  • 5: One day before

    Final clean for your house. Note your utility meter readings. Check windows are secure and that the water, gas and electricity are switched off.

  • 6: Moving day

    Collect the keys for your new home. Meet and guide removal workers around your house. Check for any damage when belongings are unloaded at your new home. Unpack and store valuables securely in your new home. Have a cuppa – or perhaps open some bubbly to celebrate moving to your new home!

Types of Mortgages

We offer a great range of mortgages suited to different needs. Our discounted mortgages typically offer discounts from the standard variable rate for the first few years – typically two or five years – to help you in the early period of home-ownership. We have mortgages for borrowers with limited deposits living in the north of England; and or professionals, such as accountants, doctors and surveyors.

How to Apply

If you’re reading this page then you’re already making a good start to getting your new mortgage.

Contact one of the team today or click here to find out how to apply.


Mortgage Payment

Amortization Calculator


Monthly Payment


Total Interest Payable


Total of Payments
(Principal + Interest)


This information is for illustrative purposes only and does not contain all the details you need to choose a mortgage. All the information required will be provided during an interview with one of our mortgage advisers in a European Standardised Information Sheet.

We accept business from Appointed Representatives (ARs) and Directly Authorised (DA) intermediaries. However you must be registered via a Network or a Mortgage Club to submit a Decision in Principal or Application to us.

All cases are underwritten individually by our qualified underwriters. Call the mortgage team on 01257 235001.


Buy to Let Calculator

Please note that any fees you wish to add, should be added to the BTL loan amount




Monthly Mortgage Payment


Monthly Mortgage Payment (Stress Tested)




MIN BTL Rental Figure Required 125% (Basic Rate)


MIN BTL Rental Figure Required 148% (Higher Rate)


Please note that earned income in addition to the rental income( top-slicing) can only be considered by exception

This information is for illustrative purposes only and does not contain all the details you need to choose a mortgage.

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