Chorley Online

Clicking the box below will take you to Chorley Online. Chorley Online is an internet based service that allows members of Chorley Building Society to view their savings and mortgage account balances online in a completely secure setting. All transactions are updated over night and so the account details will not update in real time.

Your online account security is incredibly important to us and as such we will enhancing Chorley Online and your account’s security with Two-Factor Authentication on the 16th of August 2021. For more information, please click here.

To request a payment please contact the branch teams on 01257 235003

View my Chorley Online Account

It provides you with access via our website to a summary of your accounts with the Chorley Building Society. Details of your savings and mortgage accounts can be seen together with recent transactions.

A secure messaging facility within Chorley Online means that you can communicate with us electronically whilst knowing that any information you send is securely transmitted over the internet.

As our system develops, we intend to provide additional facilities such as allowing online withdrawals and the facility to open new accounts

The system is normally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, there may be times when a part of the service is unavailable to allow for maintenance and updates to the system.

Within 24 hours of registering you will receive confirmation of your User ID and activation key via email which you can use to access your account information.

Every time you log into Chorley Online, you will need your User ID, your password (in full) and 2 characters from your memorable information which you selected when you first registered. In addition you will be sent a two factor authentication code which will be received either via text message or automated call. If you are not yet registered for two factor authentication please click Chorley Online 2FA

The information you see on screen is updated once a day at 06:00.

Transactions will be held on the system for at least two years. Once an account is closed it will be removed from Chorley Online.

Only transactions which affect the balance of your account can be seen on screen. Transactions which only concern interest calculation or interest payment direct to another account, do not affect the balance and are therefore not shown.

For someone to gain access to your account details they would need your User ID, password and memorable information.

All information transmitted between your personal computer and the ‘Chorley Online’ server is encrypted.

The registration cannot be completed until we have posted your identification Number and an Activation Key to you at the address held on our system. This helps to prevent a fraudulent attempt to access your information.

The security of the system also relies upon you taking responsibility for your personal login details such as your password and memorable information. You should keep these secure by not writing them down or storing them on your personal computer. Never share these details with anybody else. We will only ever ask you for this information as part of the online login process. Our staff will never ask you for your password or memorable information.

We suggest that you use a mixture of letters and numbers within your password and piece of memorable information and avoid using words that may be easy for others to guess, such as the name of a family member.

To safeguard information held on your computer you should check that you have suitable anti-virus/spyware and firewall software installed. You should treat any emails or telephone calls requesting personal financial information with extreme caution. You should always access Chorley Online via the link from the Society’s website or typing the address directly into your browser and not from a link in an email.

If you would like more advice on maintaining security when dealing with your finances online, the following sites contain useful information

No special software is needed. Chorley Online will work on any computer as long as you are connected to the internet and have a suitable web browser and operating system. We would, however, recommend that you always keep your software up to date and download new versions as soon as they become available.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that Chorley Online will work with any particular browser version or operating system we have tested it with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

No, you can access our system via any Internet Service Provider.

If any information on your account looks incorrect or suspicious in any way you should contact us using the secure messaging facility or by telephone on 01257 235 016.

Whilst we cannot give you detailed instructions regarding your individual home computer you might like to try the following.

If you have previously accessed Chorley Online but are now experiencing problems then we would recommend that you clear out your cache memory / temporary internet files and also delete all cookies before trying to log in again.

Secure messages are usually replied to within 24 hours (except Bank Holidays and weekends). You will receive a notification via email when we reply to your message and you will need to log in to Chorley Online to see our response.

Account Name – the names of the account holders

Account Number – the account number allocated by our system

Correspondence Address – the address to which any postal communications, such as an annual statement, will be sent. This may be different to your residence.

Interest Rate (Gross) – the contractual rate at which the balance in your account earns interest. Gross rate means that no tax will be automatically deducted from interest on your behalf. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to pay tax on the interest you earn and it will be your responsibility to pay any tax you may owe to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Conditional Bonus Rate (Gross) – the additional interest rate that applies to your account when you meet certain product specific criteria during the year. Please see our website for details of the criteria that apply to your specific product. Gross rate means that no tax will be automatically deducted from interest on your behalf. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to pay tax on the interest you earn and it will be your responsibility to pay any tax you may owe to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Current Balance – The total balance in your account.

Cleared Balance – The balance available for withdrawal from your account. Cheques paid into a savers account are available for withdrawal seven working days following receipt. Please note that withdrawing funds may incur a penalty unless you comply with the terms and conditions of the account product.

Next Interest Due Date – The date when interest is next due to be paid on this account. Interest is normally payable following the close of business on this date.

Minimum Balance – The amount which you must retain in an account to meet the product terms and conditions.

Account Name – the names of the account holders

Account Number –the account number allocated by our system

Correspondence Address – The address to which postal correspondence is sent.

Security Address – The address of the property on which the mortgage advance is secured against.

Each of the individual loan parts which make up the account are then shown:


Loan – the individual loan number within the account

Balance –the capital balance which is the balance on which interest is being charged.

Inception Date –the date on which money was first advanced on this loan part.

Click on one of the loan parts to see more details.

Account Name – the names of the account holders

Account Number –the account number allocated by our system

Advance – the total amount of money advanced over the life of this loan part

Inception Date – the date on which money was first advanced.

Interest Rate –the interest rate currently being charged

Remaining Term – the period of time that the loan has left to run

Capital Balance – the balance on which interest is being charged.

Mortgage Type – the basis on which monthly repayment are calculated. Some of the more common options are: –

Capital and Interest –Commonly known as a repayment mortgage; this means your monthly payments to the Society include both interest and capital. In the early years of the loan the payment is mostly interest, but as the loan is repaid, the interest element reduces and an increasing proportion of the monthly repayment is used to repay the capital. As a result, the loan is cleared within the agreed number of years (the mortgage term). The amount of your monthly repayment will depend upon the amount borrowed, the term of the mortgage and the rate of interest.

Interest Only –As the name suggests you pay only the interest each month. The actual amount borrowed does not reduce during the life of the mortgage and must be repaid at the end of the mortgage term. Monthly payments are therefore less than those of a repayment mortgage, but it is very important to ensure you have the funds available to repay the loan at the agreed time. In order to achieve this, you would normally subscribe to a suitable investment plan.