Chorley Online

Clicking the box below will take you to Chorley Online. Chorley Online is an internet based service that allows members of Chorley Building Society to view their savings and mortgage account balances online in a completely secure setting. All transactions are updated over night and so the account details will not update in real time.

Payment Information: Please note, if you are paying into your Online Chorley Savings account from your bank, it will not show on your Chorley Online record until the following working day.

Update: Some of our savings’ products will be changing interest rate commencing on the 24th June. For more information on this and the new rates that are applicable, click here.


View my Chorley Online Account

Chorley Online provides you with the ability to view your savings and mortgage accounts, request payments from your savings account and open certain savings accounts.

You can use the secure messaging service within Chorley Online to contact us with the knowledge that your information is securely transmitted.

Subject to the terms and conditions and signatory rules on your account, Chorley Online allows you to transfer money between your Chorley Building Society Accounts and request payments to your nominated bank account. Closure requests can also be made. See Chorley Online Terms and Conditions for further details.

The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Occasionally the service may be unavailable, to allow for maintenance and updates to the system. We will notify you of this on our website and social media.

Requests made outside our normal business hours will be processed on the next working day.

Following registration you will receive an email containing your unique User ID and activation key, this information is used to activate your Chorley Online access.

Registration requests made outside our normal business hours will be processed on the next working day.

You will need your unique User ID and your password. Once you log in for the first time, you will be sent a unique two factor authentication code to your nominated home or mobile telephone number. You will need this code as an additional security step to access your Chorley Online account.

If you have never used two factor authentication you will be prompted to set this up.

Your Chorley Online password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, including 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 numeric character and a special character.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset this by clicking the ‘Forgotten Details’ link on the Chorley Online homepage.

If you have forgotten your User ID please contact the Society by emailing using your registered email address or telephoning us on 01257 235003 and we can provide you with this.


For someone to gain access to your account details they would need your User ID and password, and also access to the unique two factor authentication code sent to your nominated home or mobile number.

All information transmitted between your personal computer and the ‘Chorley Online’ server is encrypted.

The registration cannot be completed until we have sent your unique User ID and Activation Key using the email address registered with us. This helps to prevent a fraudulent attempt to access your information.

The security of the system also relies upon you taking responsibility for your personal login details such as your password. You should keep this secure by not writing it down or storing it on your personal computer. Never share this with anybody else. Our colleagues will never ask you for your password or your two factor authentication code.

To safeguard information held on your computer you should check that you have suitable anti-virus/spyware and firewall software installed. You should treat any emails or telephone calls requesting personal financial information with extreme caution. You should always access Chorley Online via the link from the Society’s website or typing the address directly into your browser and not from a link in an email.

If you would like more advice on maintaining security when dealing with your finances online, the following sites contain useful information

All transactions are updated overnight therefore your account details will not update in real time.

Transactions affecting the balance of your account will be visible within 24 hours.

Please note transfers requested via Chorley Online to your nominated bank account will show as a ‘cheque withdrawal’.

You will still be able to view the transaction history if you retain other open accounts with the Society.

If you close all your accounts with the Society, your Chorley Online registration will be cancelled within 1 month of the closure of your last account.

The Society holds your account history for a minimum of 5 years after closure of an account. If you need information about a closed account, you would need to contact the Society to access this information.

If any information on your account looks incorrect or suspicious in any way you should contact us using the secure messaging facility or by telephoning us on 01257 235003.

We cannot give you detailed instructions regarding your individual home computer. If you have previously accessed Chorley Online, but are now experiencing problems, then we would recommend that you clear out your cache memory / temporary internet files and also delete all cookies before trying to log in again.

If you continue to experience problems accessing Chorley Online, please call us on 01257 235003.

We will respond to message requests within our normal business hours (Excluding Saturday) and usually within 24 hours.

You will receive a notification via email when we reply to your message and you will need to log in to Chorley Online to see our response.

To set up online payment requests, you will need to provide us with your nominated bank account number and sort code. The bank account must be registered in your own personal or joint names. Please note that your account number will only be verified when you request your first transfer.

To view an instruction video on this process, please click here

When processing your transfer request we will confirm your payee details within our banking application, to verify your nominated bank account. If this does not match we will ask you to provide a bank statement evidencing the account name and account number.

Confirmation of payee, is a name checking service for UK based payments, which provides customers greater assurance that they are sending payments to the intended recipient.

Withdrawal requests to your nominated bank account can be made up to a maximum of £50,000 per member per day.

Requests received before 3.30pm will be processed the same day and credited to your nominated bank account the next working day.

Requests made after 3.30pm, on a Saturday or on a non-working day will be deemed to have been received on the following working day.

Transfers can also be made between Chorley Building Society Accounts in your own name subject to the terms and conditions of your accounts.

For accounts where a notice period is required your request will be processed after the notice period has expired.

Withdrawals requests cannot be made by a third party on an account. This includes Power of Attorney/Court of Protection/Trustees/Signatories.

Once the Society has accepted your request within Chorley Online you will no longer be able to delete or amend your request.

Once an Online Payment Request has left your account this cannot be amended or recalled. If incorrect details are provided, the Society cannot be held responsible to any delay or loss or refund.

If you wish for your passbook to be updated, it is your responsibility to send this to the Society. Transactions affecting the balance of your account will be visible within 24 hours.

You can request to close your account via Chorley Online, by selecting the account you wish to close, followed by account closure.

Accounts can be closed by:

  • Online payments up to a maximum daily limit of £50,000;
  • Payment to an internal Chorley Building Society account;
  • Requesting a cheque to the account holder/s.

Requests received before 3.30pm will be processed the same day and credited to your nominated bank account the next working day. Requests made after 3.30pm, on a Saturday or on a non-working day will be deemed to have been received on the following working day.

You can request to make a transfer from your ISA however please take into consideration your individual ISA status.

Click here to access these.

Online from your external Bank account:
To set up a one-off payment or standing order to your account use these details:

Chorley & District Building Society
Sort code: 16-16-22
Account number: 11758805
Reference: Use your 10-digit Chorley Building Society account number which can be found on-line or in your passbook. If this is not quoted your payment could be returned.

By cheque:
Currently you can’t deposit a cheque through Online Services, you will need to post it to us.
Make sure the cheque is made out to the name shown on the account and send it to:

Chorley Building Society
Key House
Foxhole Road
Chorley Building Society

We will calculate the interest on money paid in by cheque from the next working day after we receive it.

To change your password log onto your Chorley Online account.

You can then amend your password by clicking on your name and then selecting “security details” and inputting your new password and clicking update.

Your password must be between 8-64 characters and have at least one upper case, lower case and a number, as well as a special character (e.g. !£$%^&*-#)