Intermediary Product Switch Application

Please note – we do not currently pay Procuration fees to intermediaries for providing advice and submitting an application to us for a Product Switch.

This form provides you with a simple route to submit a product switch request for your client. Please complete the details below and click submit.

    If the customer chooses to add the fee to their loan, this will increase their mortgage balance and they will be charged interest on this throughout the term of their mortgage.

    • I have verified the customer(s) identity and will retain suitable records of the evidence seen to satisfy identity verification requirements under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. I will make these records available, on request, to Chorley & District Building Society or the Financial Conduct Authority.
    • The registration number for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) completed above is correct;
    • I have complied with the FCA rules in giving advice to the customer(s);
    • I have provided the applicant(s) with an accurate ESIS prior to application;
    • I am duly authorised to submit this application and am not doing so on behalf of an unauthorised person or firm.

    We always recommend that customers review any personal or property insurance cover they may hold to ensure they are adequately covered, particularly when making a variation to their mortgage.

    We work closely with PG mutual, who provide Income Protection Insurance to cover income, if they found themselves unable to work due to illness or accident and unable to meet their financial commitments.

    Alternatively they can click here to get a quotation for this cover.

    If they need further information about insurance, we suggest you visit the Money Advice Service

    The Society reserves the right to withdraw all products and incentives without notice.