Product Specific Features Changes

The Society is making changes to certain products. The changes will take place on 22nd December. The Society is making these changes to align our product range for our Members.

Please see a summary of the changes below;

Impacted Product(s) What are we changing? How is it being changed? When will this change take place? What does this mean for me?
Branch & Postal Accessible Saver The name of this product The name of this product will be changed to Easy Access Saver. 22 December 2021 The next time we update your passbook, either in branch or by post, we will amend your passbook to reflect this change.
60 Day Notice (Issue 1)

90 Day Notice (Issue 1)

60 Day Notice Cash ISA (all issues)

The ability to withdraw funds without giving notice (currently allowed with a penalty) You are unable to withdraw funds unless the relevant notice period is given. 22 December 2021 From 22 December 2021 if you hold one of the affected products you will need to apply your notice period for any withdrawals.