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We’re helping you protect what matters the most ……

It’s impossible to know what the future holds for any of us, but we can make sure that we take steps to protect against the unexpected. The Society believes we have an obligation to our members to offer them the right financial products to meet their needs and so we offer an introduction only service to third party partners.

Each of the third party partners which we have chosen to work with have been selected with careful consideration – the Society ensures that our partners have a mutuals-value culture and that they provide useful, clear and fair products for our members.

Whilst the Society is happy to introduce you to carefully selected partners, we cannot offer you any advice around the appropriateness of their products for your personal circumstances.


Income Protection Plus

Available by PG Mutual

It’s absolutely right to consider all of your protection needs when taking out a large financial commitment such as a mortgage. But often protecting your earned income, which will ultimately pay the mortgage repayment each month, is overlooked. That is why the Society has researched the market and identified an Income Protection Plus plan, that can help our members fill this gap. Contact us or our partner PG Mutual for further information and a personalised quote.