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Please read the checklist below before sending in your application:

FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusions List - Please read and understand the FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusions List before applying.

Application Form - Have you signed and dated the application form?

Young Savers - When opening an account for a child as a trustee or Young Savers Account Operator the application form should be filled in with the child's details and signed on behalf of the child by the Trustee or Young Savers Account Operator.

Identification -Before opening an account at the Society all customers must fulfil the requirements of the Society's identification criteria. The Society will undertake an electronic identification through its chosen credit agency. The Society reserves the right to request original documentary proof to support an application where necessary.

Opening Balance - Don't forget to enclose a cheque to open the account. Please do not send cash through the post. Cheques must be made payable to the account holder.